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Features in smaRtOffice

Employees Human Resources

Get all your HR operations for your employees managed easily such as recruitment, appraisals, time sheets, contracts, attendances, payroll and many more.

Accounting Access Rights

Gives the administrator user access to all accounting features such as journal items and the chart of accounts. Only Administrator gets full access.

Instant messaging

Allows users to chat with each other in real time. Find other users easily and chat in real time. It support several chats in parallel.

Recruitment and Job Application

Sorts out vacancies, applications, notifies and keeps track of application submissions. Follows up every applicant and builds up a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents.


This application allows you to manage your employees daily expenses. It gives you access to your employees fee notes and authorization to validate. After validation, it creates an invoice for the employee.

Invoicing Purchase Management

Automate requisition-to-pay, control invoicing, Online Demo Automate procurement propositions, launch request for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers information, control products reception and check suppliers invoices.

Sales Management

Drive your sales operations from quotes to invoices with all the information you need, easily accessible. Keep track of long term contracts, automate invoicing and notify sales when they have to follow up.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale introduces an interface with no installation required while running online and offline on modern hardware’s. It’s full integration with the company inventory and accounting, gives you real time statistics and consolidations among all shops.


Organize, promote and sell events online. Whether you organize meetings, conferences, trainings or webinars, smaRtOffice gives you all the features you need to manage your events.


Get an awesome website and create enterprise grade website with our easy builder. Use finely designed building blocks and edit everything inline. Benefit from out-of-the-box business features.


smaRtOffice e-Commerce is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It optimizes your sales with an awesome online store. You will get an awesome catalog of products and great product description pages.


With the smaRtOffice enterprise grade inventory system, operations such as delivery orders, inventory adjustments, multiple locations, manufacturing & repairs, receipts, packing, scrap products and stock transfers will be effective.

Chat Support

Allow to drop instant messaging widgets on any web page that will communicate with the current server and dispatch visitors request amongst several live chat operators.

Fleet Management

smaRtOffice helps you with managing all your vehicles, the contracts associated to those vehicle as well as services, fuel log entries, costs and other features needed to the management of your fleet of vehicle(s).

IoT Integration in smaRtOffice

IoT integration means making the mix of new IoT devices, IoT data, IoT platforms and IoT applications as well as combined IT assets such as business applications, legacy data, mobile, and SaaS that works well together in the context of implementing end-to-end IoT business solutions. The IoT integration market is defined as the set of IoT integration capabilities that IoT project implementers need to successfully integrate end-to-end IoT business solutions.

Our smaRtOffice solutions is all about integrating IoT into your business solution according to specifications and requirments of the business. Here are some benefits of using IoT integrations into our business solutions.

Benefits of IoT Integration in smaRtOffice

Real-time Data Collection

The errorless data streaming via IoT sensors and devices enables businesses to get real-time analysis, business trends, and actionable trends which results in improving business understanding and marketing strategies. By integrating IoT, you can utilize the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to find the right suggestions for your business operations.

Increased productivity and workplace safety

The scheduled maintenance is highly advantageous for ensuring operational safety and compliance with the required regulations. In their turn, safe working conditions make the enterprise more attractive for investors, partners, and personnel, increasing the brand reputation and trust. Smart devices also reduce the probability of a human error during various stages of business operation, which also contributes to a higher level of safety. In addition, a network of IoT devices such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and other monitoring devices can be utilized to ensure the security of an enterprise and prevent thefts and even corporate espionage.

More advanced business insights

Smart devices can directly communicate with end-users on a regular basis, provide invaluable source information for business analysis. IoT helps enterprises by gathering large volumes of user-specific data employed for developing business strategies, targeted advertising, fine-tuning price policy, and other marketing and management activities

Better customer experiences

The collection of user-specific data achieved by using smart devices also helps businesses to understand the expectations and behavior of customers better. IoT also improves customer service by facilitating follow-ups after sales such as automatic tracking and reminding the customers about required maintenance of purchased equipment after its predefined period of use or the ending of warranty period.

Improved Forecasting

Real-time data from IoT-enabled devices can be used to develop more accurate forecasts of demand, inventory levels, and production needs. This enables organizations to better manage their supply chain, reduce inventory costs, and improve customer service

Lower operating costs

Due to the reduced downtime periods, ensured by automatically scheduled and controlled maintenance, supply of raw materials, and other manufacturing requirements, the equipment may have a higher production rate resulting in bigger profits. IoT devices greatly facilitate management within individual departments and across the whole enterprise structure.

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