Introduction to smaRtOffice Hospital

smaRtOffice Hospital Management System delivers more than patient administration and financial functions. Its clinical information system gives physicians and the entire care team the environment they need to deliver best-practice, evidence-based care. As a single unified system, it helps improves care coordination, minimizes treatment delays and reduces medication errors and test duplication. It supports the patient journey through the hospital from admission to discharge.

smaRtOffice Hospital Management System also deploys AI, IoT, 5G networks, and other technological advances from edge to cloud to seamlessly coordinate and align operations for accelerated and enhanced patient care. From registration to imaging, the operating room or the nurses’ station, the improved connectivity and breadth of data generated can deliver valuable insights to improve patient experiences, streamline clinician workflows, and reduce costs.

Main Features Of smaRtOffice Hospital Information System

Patients Portal

Additional Features Of smaRtOffice Hospital Information System

Recruitment and Job Application
Chat Support

Benefits of using smaRtOffice Hospital

  • Seamless exchange of data and information amongst doctors, patients, caregivers, hospital staff, technicians
  • Improvement in quality of care and patient experience
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in hospital operations
  • Patient engagement for long-term relationships
  • Growth and professional development of hospital staff
  • An extensible framework ready for current and future use-cases
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