Introduction to smaRtOffice Clinic

All in one clinic solution with more than 50 integrable modules for every requirments to fulfill hospital operations and management. smaRtOffice Clinic sloution is a provem platform which has been implemented in renowned hospital and clinic facilities. smaRtOffice clinic has the ability to adapt to your business growth. As your business grows, our solution can easily scale up according to the requirments.

smaRtOffice clinic solution is built with customer needs in mind. User can easily adopt and learn the system workflow. It also has built in reporting generation tools for sales, payment and invoice. It is also able to integrate IP-PBX system using click to call features.

Main Features Of smaRtOffice Clinic Solution

Patients Portal

Additional Features Of smaRtOffice Clinic Solution

Employees Human Resource
Chat Support

Benefits of using smaRtOffice Clinic

  • Electronic health records
  • Appointment management system
  • Dedicated app
  • Cost effective
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